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QuantumCFO is a collective of proven, expert business consultants. Our professional network encompasses all business areas, in addition to financial management, to deliver customized expertise in whatever specific field is needed.  We have been providing value and confidentiality to our clients for over 20 years. 

A word from our president…

I’m a living testimonial for what an exceptional CFO partner can do.

My business partner and I built an international group of companies, employing almost 200.  Living the dream.  We grew it organically and by several acquisitions.  We were very good at buying, selling and customer service.  We employed an in-house CPA, a Controller and several bookkeepers, but no CFO.  We tracked our numbers and paid our taxes but had no professional financial direction.  I now know how much more efficient and successful we could have been if we had hired a part-time CFO to better manage the financial end of our business and free us up to add new products and customers.

A good CFO partner would have also provided us with valuable financial forecast models to help with critical business decisions like making an acquisition.  Instead, we made three bad acquisitions, which all lost money and almost ruined our main business.

Fortunately, we were able to contract with QuantumCFO to help us save our company.  Our part-time CFO guided us through a daunting process of survival.  He showed us with financial models how our entire business could be reorganized, streamlined, and unprofitable operations shut down.  He worked with our banks, CPA, and attorneys to set up a new LLC for the surviving business, which was once again profitable and with a clean balance sheet.  It was a miracle.  Thanks to QuantumCFO, the company is now thriving, and I was able to sell my interest.

I’m a small businessman that understands the perspective of a small business owner.  I’ve started, acquired and managed at least 20 companies.  I used to think, like many entrepreneurs, that business was all about my product or service and finding customers to buy it.  I’ve learned that solid financial controls, analysis, and planning are essential to maximizing a company’s profits, and ultimately, it’s long-term success.

My role at QuantumCFO is to identify how we can best help our clients.  My purpose is to help other business owners with the kind of financial advice that I wish I had had available to me for much of my business career.


Stafford Worley


“My purpose is to help other business owners with the kind of financial advice that I wish I had available to me for much of my business career.”

Stafford Worley

President, QuantumCFO

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